A 12-month program & support group for women business owners ready to get the care they deserve.


If you have been longing for


Clarity, Accountability, Rejuvenation, & Encouragement then this is the mastermind for you.

This is a group of incredible women entrepreneurs who want to help one another grow their business and grow themselves

Are you feeling isolated and really want someone to come alongside you to help?


Do you wish you had a bunch of business besties to talk things through with?


Have you been trying to find a coach that aligns with your values and whose genuinely interested in your success?


Does it feel like you've been working hard but haven't really figured out if you're really moving the needle in your business?


If any of the above sounds familiar then this is the mastermind group for you and we're excited to help! 


Membership Portal

A private online portal giving you 24/7 access to all call recordings, bonus resources, and leadership trainings.

Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

Bi-Weekly 90-min Coaching Calls to review your goals, update your action plan, and work through any challenges.

Private Community

Ongoing community. It's not enough to know what to do or even how to do it. The most crucial part to mastering your success is having someone to hold you accountable.

Hot Seats

Monthly Hot Seats to help you overcome barriers that are keeping you stuck, brainstorm ideas, and keep you inspired for the journey ahead.



Are You Finally Ready To Crush Your Goals, Get The Support You Deserve, & Grow Your Business?

Wellness Checks

15 Minute Check-ins to give you a personal space to discuss things you may not be ready to share in the open group or that require a more personal touch. 

Leadership Training

Monthly Leader Calls to help you increase your leadership skillset, effectiveness, and capabilities to prepare you for the growth ahead.

Encounter Nights

A Heart 2 Heart Encounter twice a year to slow everything down to get to the heartbeat of God for you and your business.



Hi! I'm Gwendolyn. Just a regular girl that should have been a statistic turned CEO and Business Coach who LOVES helping other women succeed.


I am the Founder and CEO of Your Virtual Admin Expert, an online business management support agency for professional service providers, coaches and consultants who are helping others get the mental, emotional, physical, and financial well-being they deserve.


I also serve as an advocate for empowering teen girls through my nonprofit Seed of Hope Foundation and I'm a Business Coach to new women business owners who have joined the entrepreneurial journey but lack the accountability to stay the course OR who just wants someone to show them how to do things instead of just telling them.


I've done some other cool stuff too like, been honored as one of the Influential Women in Business by the Daily Herald Business Ledger in partnership with the National Association of Women Business Owners — Chicago Chapter and the Women’s Innovation Network. Received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Information Systems from DeVry University and a Masters of Organizational Leadership from Lewis University. 


When I'm not running a thriving agency or empowering girls in the community, I love to spend time with my husband James of 24 years, three young adult children, and 2 year old grandson QJ. 



Hi! I'm Jacqueline and believe it or not, Gwendolyn's mom.


I believe that everything that has been created was created to fulfill a need, a service or specific purpose. The potential is therefore already built into the creation and fully known by its creator. I love living out my purpose and helping others to LIVE LIFE and fulfill their God given Purpose. Therein is the fulfillment of a Purposeful, Intentional, and Significant Life.


As a survivor of domestic violence I certainly had to reclaim my power and self-worth. It was took courage to take my life back. And then I had to do the work of changing my beliefs, my thoughts, and my behavior to begin living a life that I love and now lead.  It took courage. But first it took a BELIEF that I was worth it...and so are you...


As a leader and certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, I believe the journey of personal development impacts every area of our lives for the better; our families, our relationships, our organizations, and our businesses.

In my quest to live my best life, I have personally studied, applied, and experienced the power of leadership development and emotional intelligence, along with the importance of vision and purpose, which served me greatly for twenty-eight years in the telecommunications industry, where I successfully managed multiple six figure projects from inception to implementation.  


      Getting out of your comfort zone

      • Growth takes place outside the Comfort zone
      • You are responsible, no one is going to do it for you
      • Growth starts with a decision

      Clarifying your purpose, vision & goals

      • We do not grow for no reason
      • We must identify something we want
      • This is not a rehearsal
      • A goal that is casually set is freely abandoned ~ Zig Ziglar

      Recognizing that you are perfect

      • You have everything you need for a full life
      • You are a perfect imperfect human being
      • You have more potential than you will ever use

      Sharpening your peception

      • We use our perception for us or against
      • We disturb ourselves not by the things that happen but by the views we take of them ~ Epictetus

      Breaking through the terror barrier

      • At times of change we either step forward into growth or back into safety
      • We must continually push through the fear and frustration in order to extend the comfort zone

      Living in harmony

      • We do not get what we want we get what we are
      • Like attracts like
      • Dual force of action and attraction from being


      The word on street is

      Farita T.

      CEO & Online Business Manager

      If you come to Gwen with goals you better be ready to achieve them. While I’ve worked with coaches where I’ve seen results in the beginning stages of my business relaunch, with Gwen my initial investment has paid for itself 7x over! 

      Natalie D.

      Nonprofit CEO & Entrepreneur

      She's worth every penny and then some! If you are looking for help with identifying your needs, prioritizing your goals, and finishing tasks, she's the expert you need.

      Jateya J.

      Clarity Coach

      Don't hesitate!  Click pay NOW!  Gwendolyn is the truth, efficient, knowledgeable, caring, and everything AMAZING!

      The Private Chats Be Lit


      Imagine setting yourself and your business up to support you in a way that feels good.


      Imagine getting the clarity you need to move foward on that goal, task, and/or project.


      Imagine having a support system full of women who are cheering you on.


      Imagine having not one but two coaches who are walking alongside you as you build your business and grow yourself as a leader.




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